Why Is It So Dangerous?

The Homegrown cannabis user in the United Kingdom has grown to be quite a significant percentage of the population, with more young people in their teens and young adults choosing to experiment with the substance every day. While the government has taken measures to control the manufacture and supply of cannabis, many police forces have been found to ignore the laws and have been found to be corrupt and neglectful when dealing with cannabis users. This attitude towards cannabis users is starting to change and many police forces across the United Kingdom are trying to focus their resources on more serious problems. A recent raid on a cannabis factory in Manchester resulted in the arrest of six men who have all been charged with various criminal offenses including conspiracy to produce cannabis, supply or offer cannabis and possess cannabis. This is one of the largest cannabis raids in the United Kingdom, and the case against the six men has been adjourned until next month.

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The arrests were part of an ongoing operation called Operation Cure, which has been running for the last year in an attempt to eradicate cannabis users’ ability to cook marijuana cigarettes and other cannabis-related items. Many cannabis UK users now choose to buy their cannabis online from specialist suppliers, as this allows them to avoid the risk of being caught by police in the act. In July 2021 the UK government announced that it was going to make it easier for police officers to tackle drug crime by making the cultivation of cannabis punishable with a fine rather than a prison sentence. Although details of what will happen to those who are caught cannabis have not been released, it is expected that fines will become more severe and police may even be able to ban individuals from certain public areas or schools.

It is evident that cannabis users’ mentality regarding their drugs of choice has changed in the last few years. There are now more reports surfacing around the world of people claiming to have died from taking cannabis and many others saying that they have lost their lives trying to get high on cannabis. There is no doubt that cannabis does indeed present some serious health risks and users should therefore be extremely careful when deciding whether or not they wish to start smoking, sharing or using cannabis. If you or someone you know is suffering from any form of debilitating disease due to cannabis use, then it would be very wise to seek medical help before committing to using cannabis. The British Medical Association has also issued a series of statements that advise patients and young people about the ill effects that cannabis can cause.

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