St Louis Corporate Apartments

St. Louis corporate housing, sometimes called “Extended Stay Apartments“, provides housing for one or two months while an individual or business returns to St. Louis or its suburbs. Most residential communities in St. Louis are apartment communities or condominiums that include many different units that are leased, sold, or rented to different individuals or businesses at times when their terms of the lease or contract end. St. Louis corporate housing usually provides all basic amenities and services to ensure a comfortable stay.

St Louis Corporate Apartments

“St. Louis corporate housing is move in ready, fully furnished, high-quality apartments for executives, corporate VIPs, government workers, and individuals requiring temporary living during a transition or remodeling in St. Louis, MO.” The City of St. Louis has over ten million residents, making it the largest metropolitan city in the U.S.A. Although St. Louis is not considering a tropical or sub-tropical city, the weather can still be cold at times. The most important factor to consider when looking to choose from among the many St. Louis corporate apartments for rent, is to know exactly what you will need for your intended stay. Will you be needing a large home? Are you planning to work from your apartment or hotel?

St. Louis corporate housing generally provides: full or partially furnished units, fully equipped fitness centers, on-site restaurants, shuttle service to and from the airport, a security deposit of up to three hundred and fifty dollars, and parking availability in the front of the building. Some St. Louis corporate apartments also provide complimentary shuttle service throughout the downtown area, shuttle to and from the Forest Park Bus Loop, green spaces, and bicycling paths. Some residents may be required to pay a monthly fee, while others may simply be required to pay a nightly cleaning fee. The terms of the leasing agreements of St. Louis corporate apartments vary by each individual unit.

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