Shower Seals and Rejuvenations Brisbane

Shower Seals and Rejuvenations Brisbane

Bathroom renovations can be an expensive and disruptive process, but a quality Shower Seals and Rejuvenations Brisbane job can make a huge difference for a fraction of the price. The average Australian spends 7 minutes in the shower each day, and a standard high-flow showerhead expels about 64 litres of water. The water in a shower can also be affected by body oils, soaps, and other cleaning chemicals.

Here Is A Method That Is Helping

A Platinum Seal technician will prepare your bathroom for the resealing process, removing the grout and silicone from the perimeter of your shower and floor to wall junctions. They will then deep clean and disinfect the entire shower, eliminating mould and bacteria, while resolving any cosmetic concerns. Finally, the grout is mixed with a mould repellent solution and injected into the desired colour. A full bathroom rejuvenation can take one day and cost much less than a complete bathroom renovation.

Most leaking showers can be waterproofed or sealed without removing the tiles. However, in some cases, repairs may need to be made, including replacing cracked tiles or soap holders. In some cases, a complete shower rebuild may be necessary. A professional shower seals and rejuvenations Brisbane service can help you achieve the bathroom you’ve always wanted. With a few simple tips, you can make your shower waterproof and leak-free once and for all.

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