Psychologist in Grande Prairie

There are many types of psychologist in Grande Prairie, but only one that meets all the criteria of a qualified psychologist. This type psychologist is Dr. David Burns, a world-renowned psychologist and Clinical Psychologist. He has been practicing in the area of mental health for close to 30 years. He received his Ph.D. from Harvard University in 1974 and went on to become an assistant professor at the University of Iowa. Read more –

Psychologist in Grande Prairie

Dr. Burns specializes in clinical psychology, school psychology, developmental psychology and marriage and family therapy. In addition to helping families in Grand Prairie, he has also spent time working with individuals struggling with addiction problems. There are so many areas of specialization within the realm of psychology, that Dr. Burns is recognized as a therapist with the American Psychological Association. As such, there is no better psychologist in Grande Prairie, Kansas to help you with any type of emotional or mental problem that you may be struggling with.

When it comes to hiring a psychologist in Grande Prairie, Kansas you need to take time to research all your options. You want to be sure you have a psychologist that fits the needs that you have. In addition, if you live in or near Lawrence, you may want to check out the psychologist in Lawrence area. This particular psychologist can provide you with much needed guidance when you are in need of therapy. They are also available for a one on one consultation, which is ideal for many people who feel uncomfortable having a psychologist examine them.

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