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What Is a Fire Watch Guard?

Fire watch guards are on-site, highly trained safety measures performed by on-site security guards. They may be employed for a specific job, but are often an integral part of any security or rescue operations. Guards may also work as security personnel in large companies, or on their own as private individuals with security jobs like these.

Fire Watch Guard

Guards typically perform services such as: patrolling Perform patrols at certain times during the day and night that usually cover the entire facility and at least part of the grounds. They should also be aware of the fire system in place and are familiar with the various emergency exits to the building. When on duty, they should wear all black clothing with reflective patches on their uniforms.

Fire watch guards may also perform other duties, depending on the type of fire that they are assigned to monitor. A good guard should always have access to all of the different areas within the facility that could have been affected by the fire and should be knowledgeable about the various fire safety codes. They should also be aware of all fire fighting equipment that could be used to fight the fire and should be able to use it properly to prevent any injuries to employees and customers.