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I’ve been doing a lot of research into basement construction in the UK and one of the most interesting projects I’ve come across is the conversion of a garage into a luxury basement. A garage is basically an uninteresting room with no purpose but to park your car and it’s a fine excuse to have no garden. There are so many converted garages around London that it’s almost like having a private club for the car-owning elite. I’ve now been researching basement conversion options in the UK and one particular company has really caught my eye; it’s called Kasuto and they have a fantastic reputation when it comes to gut-tunnel construction. Useful info –

Tips to Turning Your Damp, Stylish Basement Into a New Living Space

Kasuto have an incredible track record when it comes to basement conversion, their systems are not only incredibly efficient but the tunnels they create are environmentally sound as well. The tunnels created by Kasuto are the leading edge of this type of system and are constructed from natural stone to give you the ultimate water resistance and thermal efficiency. Basement conversions are becoming more popular all over the world as people are discovering the true benefits of living below ground level; the basement offers a first-class escape from the bustle of the main parts of the house, it provides a warm and damp haven where you can relax, spend time and truly get away. Although it’s relatively expensive to dig a tunnel to create this type of space, the benefits you receive from it far outweigh the outlay, as you will instantly see the money you save in heating bills and water bills being turned into extra living space. It’s not just a case of spending a lot of money and digging a hole; the tunnels need to be properly waterproofed as well as placed at the correct angle to provide maximum benefits. With the help of professionals, this process can be done in a weekend, which is certainly a lot less time than building from scratch.

To finish, I would highly recommend that you check out a company like Kasuto who have a proven track record in basement conversion; they’re a company you can trust to work with your needs exactly and give you the results you want. As always with Google search results, make sure you read customer reviews and check out their website so you know exactly what you’re getting into before you begin. With any luck, this should bring about a new living space for you and the benefits will be clear. I hope you enjoy your new home!

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