A Love Story in Devanahalli Purva Plots

In Devanahalli Purva Plots, Nitin Mehta creates a fictional world where everything is possible. The story in Devanahalli is about an ambitious, talented young woman called Ritu who lives a relatively simple life in a small village of Pappu. After her father dies, she moves with her mother to a new city called Bhatye Beach, on the Gulf of Thailand. Life moves on for Ritu, who becomes known for her beauty and cheeky sense of humour, but when a series of tragic events take place that alter her life forever, it is revealed that she has latent psychic abilities – Find out

Purva Plots: The Home of Devanahalli and Its Famous Attractions

Ritu’s ability to predict the future is the main theme of this romantic novel, which spans decades and covers many topics from love and friendship to politics and religion. It is not altogether a happy story, however, as she is repeatedly seduced by the bad boy of the city. And at one point in the plot, she even faces an unscrupulous manipulator who plays mind games with her and Ritu’s long-term relationship is put under serious strain. But despite all these complications, Devanahalli Purva Plots is an enjoyable and exciting book.

Mehta takes us deep into Ritu’s psyche to reveal the mystery of her true personality and how she deals with her powers. Her plots are inspired, and there are several twists that keep the reader’s attention alive while the plot progresses. Her characters, mostly those in Bhatye Beach, are well drawn and the blend of romance and comedy makes this a light-hearted and amusing read. Devanahalli Purva Plots is well worth a read, whether you are a fan of Indian fantasy or not.

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